Jatyr Berasaluce | pro surfer

Styling surfboards


    Sponsors: Styling surfboards,  Protest, Sextown
    Born: Imbituba, Sta Catarina, Brasil, 07-06-1989
    Home: Bilbao
    Sizes: 1.70cm-70kg.
    Stance: Regular
    Board: Drive speed and power
    Trick: Air reverse, cut back
    Wave: Mundaka
    Surfer heroes: Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Eneko Acero, Tom Curren

    Living the dream of professional surfing since the day I left Praia do Rosa in Brazil. I am half Brasilian, half european, living in Sopela, Basque Country, believing in what I love, to surf and compete worldwide.

    Sponsoring: mail@jatyrberasaluce.com